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Partners & collaborations

Thomson Prometric is the world’s leading supplier of computer-aided examinations and screening tests for IT certifications, academic accreditation and acquisition of occupational qualifications. Academy 2.0 is a Prometric partner and an autorised testing center.

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB) enjoys a highly esteemed international reputation and conducts more than 500.000 examinations annually in the fields of business, secretarial and language training in 80 countries. A certificate from the LCCI is the guarantee of specific level of knowledge, designed for appropriateness. Academy 2.0 is an autorised testing center.

The ECDL is an standard for computer usersin the professional as well as private spheres. You receive the EDCL certificate after taking seven individual tests in the following fields: the basics of information technology, operatinf systems, word processing, table calculation, databases, presentation and the internet. Academy 2.0 is an autorised testing center.

As a co-operation partner of the Dortmunder Chamber of Commerce and Industry - education and training department - the Academy 2.0 holds seminars and business training courses.

ESF (European Social Fund)
The ESF supports cross-border communal business ventures for the development and stabilisation of enterprise and the economy. Academy 2.0 runs qualification programmes that are supported by the ESF.

ruhrnetworker-nrw (mybird e.V.) is an amalgamation of companies and institutions for the pooling of the immense potential in know-how available in the region and creating synergy effects. Academy 2.0 is a member of ruhrnetworker-nrw (mybird e.V.).