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The half life of knowledge is continually decreasing, especially in the IT branch, and the range and depth of the knowledge that companies have to muster up in order to be able to cope with rapidly changing demands is continually increasing.

Company seminars
Academy 2.0 offers seminars for individual companies: the content, time, date and location of the seminar(s) are defined by you. Company seminars are adapted to suit your individual needs, both in the scheduling and the topics covered. If you would like to be certain that a newly introduced software programme is being used competently by a large number of your employees within a short period of time, then you have the possibility of booking one of our company seminars. Your individual needs and demands will be the focus point of the seminar. You will be acquiring those very key competencies that you will actually need for your work later.

Call us. We would be glad to give you an offer. All of the seminars on offer can also take place on your location.

IT seminars
As a co-operation partner of the Dortmunder Chamber of Commerce and Industry - education and training department - the Academy 2.0 holds business training courses and company seminars.

In each and every one of our training programmes practice and task-based competencies are dealt with. Taking the varying levels of experience and targets of our customers into consideration, we have come up with a differentiated course programme, as a result of which we can always offer a needs-based solution.  

For the next seminars there are currently no dates set.