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GECS™ – The high-tech learning solution

In today’s business environment, a skilled workforce is indispensible. Essential practice-oriented learning concepts present an enormous challenge for modern technology-supported learning environments.

With GECS™ (GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL COLLABORATION SYSTEM), the Academy 2.0 combines diverse learning technologies (i.e. Learning Management System, Virtual Classroom, eLab) to a new, state-of-the-art, high-tech learning environment.

GECS™ links synchronous with asynchronous learning methods to offer practice-oriented courses and eAssessment as complete distance learning solutions.

GECS™ enables the Academy 2.0 to offer practice-oriented distance learning, previously only attainable through time-consuming and cost-intensive attendance phases.

When, where and how is up to you

Independent of time and place, LMS supports self-regulated learning. Via internet, participants can log on to the system at any time and obtain access to the required learning material. File sharing enables participants to individually compile subject matter. The learning process of the participants is monitored by the system, which adjusts to the individual strengths and weaknesses.


Virtual Classroom is similar to the traditional face-to-face classroom. Participants enter the virtual classroom per mouse click and take part in a synchronous learning dialog with the tutor via audio and video conferencing. Thereby, the contents are imparted directly. Through the use of application and desktop sharing, the content on the tutor’s monitor becomes visible to the participants and vice versa.

Learning by doing

In order to consolidate theoretical knowledge, practical application is essential. For this purpose the eLab offers suitable means. By gaining access to the virtual, customized IT infrastructure via internet, the necessity of installing additionally needed hard- and software becomes obsolete. All applications are operable a s if the programs were actually installed on one’s own personal computer.

The testing solution

The COMCAVE CERTIFICATION BOARD offers a secure, state-of-the-art eTesting environment by applying its Test Development, eAssessment and eCertification tools.

The Academy 2.0 provides an innovative and secure web-based testing environment, comprised of customized test development, on-site and on-demand testing, test assessment and certification. Corporations, academic institutions and official authorities can thus offer their customers a full-service e-training experience, where individual skills can be trained, tested and certified according to commonly acknowledged criteria.

You will find our current course offer at further education, retraining and seminars.

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